ONE OF THE BOYS takes place in a small provincial town where boys traditionally go on a manhood trip before starting high school. Even though the trip is associated with prestige and honour, not everyone is exited. 16-year-old Lau isn’t like the popular boys – talking about girls and sneaking out to drink beer at night. He’s awkward and barely knows the rules of soccer. Lau is struggling to live up to the masculine ideals and expectations which he meets from the other boys and adults on the trip.

When Lau meets charming Aksel, who just moved to town from the capital, he observes how being “a real man” can have deferent meanings. Aksel is open minded, true to himself and not afraid to stand out or speak up to others. This is fascinating to Lau who experiences growing romantic feelings for Aksel. Lau becomes forced to deal with his emotions, because soon he will not be able to pretend he is someone, he is not.

ONE OF THE BOYS is a sensitive, funny, heart breaking and poetic glimpse of a small, hyper masculine provincial town in Denmark.

Creator: Teys Schucany
Head Writers:
Frederik Rye & Teys Schucany
Director: Teys Schucany
Producer: Mathias Bruunshøj Jakobsen
Junior Producer: Rikke Rolver Elk 
Executive Producers: Piv Bernth & Lars Hermann
Original title: En af drengene
Produced for Viaplay Group

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