CHORUS GIRLS is darkly-comedic tale about 8 young dancers trying to survive in a sexist workplace in the mid 70’s. This summer they team up, and find the strength to resist.

CHORUS GIRLS is set in a time when women took to the streets, burning their bras and demanding equal pay, while others were dancing on stage in bikinis. It’s a story of love, violence, repressed homosexuality, loneliness, loyalty, and ambition. But most of all, CHORUS GIRLS is a story of community. Of finding strength in togetherness, and the courage to change one’s circumstances. It turns into an explosion of pent-up and repressed energy, coupled with humor, passion, tears, sweat, and lots of dancing.

Head Writers: Ditte Hansen & Louise Mieritz
Directors: Ditte Hansen & Louise Mieritz
Producer: Dorthe Riis Lauridsen
Executive Producers: Piv Bernth & Lars Hermann
Original title: Dansegarderoben
Broadcaster: TV 2 Danmark

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