The year is 1975. On stage in Denmark’s largest revue, is the popular and beloved actor Preben Kaas. Eight, bikini-clad girls are dancing behind him. They have been hired to be the smiling, sexy showgirls in this year’s revue. They are the lucky ones who succeeded in landing their dream job at Cirkusrevyen.

CHORUS GIRLS is about these eight women who are randomly brought together as colleagues at a special workplace, where feelings flow freely, nerves are sometimes frayed, and where fun and games go hand in hand with performance anxiety and stiff competition. It is a story about community. About finding strength in togetherness and not least the courage to change the situation you are in. It becomes an explosion of pent-up and repressed energy, combined with humour, passion, sweat, tears and a whole lot of dancing – at a time where some women took to the streets, burning their bras and demanding equal pay, while others danced on a stage in bikinis.

Head Writers: Ditte Hansen & Louise Mieritz
Directors: Ditte Hansen & Louise Mieritz
Producer: Dorthe Riis Lauridsen
Executive Producers: Piv Bernth & Lars Hermann
Original title: Dansegarderoben
Broadcaster: TV 2 Danmark

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