Baby Fever is a six part romantic comedy-drama centered around the life of fertility doctor Nana (Josephine Park) and the clients she meets and treats.

When Nana, in a drunken state, inseminates herself with a really special portion of sperm – namely her ex-boyfriend’s – she starts a chain reaction of catastrophes, both big and small. This rash move leads to a pregnancy and Nana now has to figure out how to explain her condition – which one can’t hide forever – and win back her ex-boyfriend and long-lost love. The problem is just that he doesn’t seem particularly interested in getting back with Nana.

The secret pregnancy allows Nana to see her clients in a different light, but as her lies grow bigger, it gets harder and harder for her to navigate in them and for the first time in her life, Nana has to tell the truth – and maybe reveal a secret that could ultimately cost her everything.

Creators: Nikolaj Feifer & Amalie Næsby Fick
Directors: Nikolaj Feifer & Amalie Næsby Fick
Producer: Dorthe Riis Lauridsen
Executive Producers: Piv Bernth & Lars Hermann
Original title: SKRUK
Produced for Netflix.

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